Dog days to fruit abdominal physical inventory is rich in fruits tourist city (3)

Dog days to “fruit” abdominal physical inventory is rich in fruits tourist city (3)

Pinggu, changping – peach 銆?fruit health care 銆?sina travel distribution graph: lung is regarded as the fruit of peach graph: sina blog Wonders of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, peach heat and flavour is acerbity, tonic, bushing, producing secretion, quench and elimination product, runchang, solution of the thermal effect, for “lung of the fruit”, suitable for hypoglycemia, lung disease, consumptive asthma due to people as auxiliary food therapy thing. Peach seed have remove blood stasis and dryness slide intestinal, cough of work, can treat the blood stasis stagnation, amenorrhea abdominal pain, hypertension and constipation, etc. (for traditional Chinese medicine blindly use, can’t eat raw); Prunus persica (immature less than peach) and tea with immersion common bubble as drink, have gathered sweat, hemostatic the work can cure deficiency of Yin night sweats and hemoptysis, and other disease; Peach leaf also have the insecticidal efficiency, its Fried water washing privates can treat the vaginal trichomoniasis; Peach blossom have detumescence, diuretic effect, can be used in the treatment of dropsy ascites, stool stem node, urination and beriberi claw. Sina travel distribution graph: waiting for you until the peach blossoms graph: sina blog Wonders of the peach is good, there are taboo: one is immature peaches can’t eat, otherwise you will abdominal distension or boils carbuncle; The second is even ripe peach, also cannot eat too much, too much will make life hot fire; The third is rotten peach must not eat; The fourth is peach avoid and turtle with food; Five is too high blood sugar diabetes should be less food peaches. 銆?production in Beijing 銆?midsummer picking peach pinggu is famous Chinese big tao township, 220000 acres of big peach is the world’s largest taoyuan, China’s largest peach township, the capital’s largest GuoOu. Beijing pinggu international peach flower festival has been successfully held for the tenth, until last week for the first time to see this piece is called “the world’s largest peach blossom sea” taoyuan. Sina travel distribution graph: changping peach garden graph: Wonders of sina blog map/wen: distance network and sina blog

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