Autumn in my own way back to Lhasa Tibet product taste (6)

Autumn in my own way back to Lhasa Tibet product taste (6).

“The ruins of Lhasa bar bar address: Beijing road Lhasa four lane number 16 with 2 xi deling big nosocomial ruins bar open in the once very brilliant now has become a veritable ruins xi deling next to the temple. About xi deling temple legend there are many, the most legendary way it is said that it had tunnel and the jokhang temple and the potala palace are interlinked, but later the tunnels in filling, sealing of the seal, already can’t find it. Xi deling temple now is located in a piece of residential area, in this happy deling big yard lived many households tibetans home, the feeling is very wonderful, the fact is breeds of daily life, the central is a ancient ruins, prosperity and decline in our eyes. In the ruins is inside the large weeds and blooming see flowers, is to let people fall into a reverie. Nowadays, xi deling ruins has become a literary youth pilgrimage place, come here to stunned, looking for inspiration, take personality photo and photography came in an endless stream. Is located in xi deling ruins next to the ruins bar is literary youth is an excellent place to meet. The boss of the bar is in a little more than a month ago just took over, the graduated from China geological university department of journalism in the big boys to here to create a ancient sweet patina, simple natural folk bar. Short house old music bar detailed address: Lhasa city Beijing east road 68 (the hotel opposite) new detailed address: Beijing road Lhasa eight LangXue hotel side (Lhasa ChengGuanOu across the government) on June 18, 2005 officially opened short house music bar in the busy city of Beijing is not very conspicuous way during the day, it is always the door shut, only in the curtain of night arrives, it will add a nightlife for Lhasa with bright color. In this small bar considerable historical vicissitudes of life signs wooden carved with such a few words: “short house – here are you looking for already a long time of music!” In the dim lamplight carefully identify to see. The bar is made from a pair of brother and sister founded jointly. “Short house” itself as “the music bar, is absolutely real. Love music boss from the age of 14 began to collect from, Nepal and Tibet’s traditional music, most are his own from all over the world tao, friends know his this hobby after no matter where, as long as I see about India, Nepal and Tibet’s music is trawling come, sent to the house to short. Up to now, here a collection of music record has reached more than zhang. In the bar the bar to customers also sell these CDS, each 40 yuan price for these in the mainland is not common record is not high. The damp bridge address: Beijing road Lhasa three lane cuo merrill lynch neighborhood committee side “wet bridge” translation from Tibetan “pilgrimage road station”, this was the first company in Lhasa news class theme bars, today’s boss took over five years ago after desalination its news theme, slowly to create a music culture bar. Here every day there are full-time in hand to sing for the customer to sing some songs nostalgia. Drinks recommendation: red pink beautifuls woman: in Gordon’s gin and Ann song brown sugar water inside a an egg and a cup of pink is tender inviting red pink beautifuls woman materials. Special kira bomb: in aloe to add Sprite, cup mat close cover and gave it to the customer, by JiDuan cup suddenly hit the desktop, this cup wine with respect to success. Long island iced tea: aloe, gin,’s bainang, vodka in ounces cup shaking evenly, add orange juice and coke stir well. Above three kinds of wine is often “wet bridge” guests will point, is also the best of the boss. Here in addition to drink, also can have the different flavor snacks snacks, such as: squid silk, zhoushan fish fillet, office of dried bamboo shoot and cartap wood, raisins and honeydew wings. Reading:

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